Brand Story

To “Enrich your life with our bag creations”

Brand birth

Established in 2006 in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, a town of bags.

Toyooka is the largest producer of bags in Japan. Since the Nara period (710-794), people have been making baskets from the bark of the willow tree, which grows wild, and eventually the production of willow baskets came to support the lives of people in Toyooka.
The light and sturdy large baskets with lids were eventually transformed into bags with handles and developed into the Toyooka bag.

ARTPHERE has created a bag that is suitable for sketching enthusiasts on sketching trips, that can separate art materials and clothing, and that is comfortable and beautifully functional to carry on the back.


Developing Collections

Taking the motif from the Dulles bags that YURI CO.,LTD., the parent company, had been manufacturing since the 1965’s, we pursued functional beauty and developed the “CLASSIC LINE” with a “full flat frame” mouth frame structure that is lightweight, prevents loss of shape, protects contents, and can be opened and closed with a single touch by employing aluminum material.
This aluminum frame was 33% lighter than the previous model, and was the catalyst for the birth of the later New Dulles.


Origin of the brand name

The name “ARTPHERE” is coined from the words “Art” and “Atmosphere.
It is our hope that you will enjoy your travels, hobbies, work, and life with an artistic mood.


Birth of the New Dulles Bag

In 2009, three years after the launch of the CLASSIC LINE, the “New Dulles Bag” was born, combining slimness and large capacity through the arch system, which is ARTPHERE’s signature design.


Received iF Design Award

In 2009, we were the first Japanese bag industry to win the iF Design Award, one of the world’s three major design awards, which has been sponsored since 1953 by the Industry Forum Design Hannover (iF) in Hannover, Germany.



In 2010, we exhibited for the first time independently at MAISON & OBJET PARIS, one of the three major design and interior trade fairs in the world, organized by SAFI in Paris, France since 1995.


Aggressive global expansion

Since 2012, the company has exhibited at MIPEL, a bag trade fair in Milan, Italy, and received the MIPEL AWARD, the highest award in the Style & Innovation category in 2012, and the highest award in the ICON TRAVEL LUGGAGE category in 2017 for its “New Dulles Bag”.
Since 2018, the company has exhibited at PROJECT, a fashion trade show in New York and Las Vegas, USA, ambiente, a gift trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, and APLF, a leather trade show in Hong Kong, and is aggressively expanding globally.



Based on the “functional beauty” of the “New Dulles” series, which will be represented from 2020, the concept and collection will be restructured to further clarify the vision of “leading to a rich life” through “creation”.
The concept is “Frame function creates shape” and the collection consists of four lines: “New Dulles,” “Tondo,” “Forte,” and “Cavallo,” all of which have a “full flat frame” mouth frame structure.


To continue to enrich the lives of those who use it.

To continue to enrich the lives of those who use it.
The innovative bag, which is both slim and high-capacity, has been loved by businessmen around the world for 10 years since its launch in 2009, and has sold more than 10,000 bags in total.
We will continue to provide bags that are durable, easy to use, and can be used for a long time with peace of mind, and that will become your partner in life.


New Dulles History

  • 2006
    ARTPHERE Birth year
    ARTPHERE was born in Toyooka, a town of bags, as a bag brand to support travel for sketching adults.
  • 2009
    New Dulles Birth year
    First in the bag industry to receive the iF Design Award IFデザイン賞
  • 2010
    New Dulles TOUCH release
  • 2011
    New Dulles Neo release
  • 2015
    New Dulles 5th anniversary
  • New Dulles Squeeze release
  • New Dulles Punching release
  • 2016
    New Dulles El Vaquero release
  • New Dulles Bloom release
  • 2017
    New Dullew Tech
    MIPEL THEBAG SHOW "Travel Luggage Category Award IFデザイン賞
  • New Dulles Tech release
  • New Dulles Bridle release
  • New Dulles Corfu release
  • 2018
    Clear New Dulles
    MIPEL THEBAG SHOW winning a prize or place IFデザイン賞
  • New Dulles TOUCH2 release
  • New Dulles Ghost Camouflage release
  • New Dulles Elite release
  • 2019
    New Dulles 10th anniversary
  • New Dulles Tresor release
  • New Dulles Bag makes New History